• Voted 1st place in “Best Taste” of Blount County 9 years in a row!

  • Offering a varied selection of sushi prepared by our highly trained chefs.

  • Incorporating the culinary traditions of Chinese forebears and Indian neighbors, we combine the taste of sweet, sour, natural, and hot flavors to create a truly unique dish!

  • We believe that you will taste the difference and enjoy your dining experience in our restaurant. Leave us a comment here about your dining experience.

    The Finest Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar in Maryville, TN

    Dining Room Open!!!

    We opened our doors in 2002 and have proudly served Thai Cuisine and Sushi ever since.

    A traditional Thai recipe employs the herbs and vegetables that thrive in Thailand’s tropical climate, such as lemon grass and galanga. Fresh seafood complements the contrasting flavors and aromas of Thai cooking:  it is the balance between the delicacy of sushi and the savory flavors of Thai entrees that creates a sense-evoking dining experience at Lemon Grass.

    Our sushi chefs are highly experienced in the preparation of special rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. We offer dozens of fish and other seafood prepared in the nigiri and sashimi traditions. Our sushi is always made to order and freshly prepared, never pre-made. In addition, our chefs are capable of making a variety of rolls customized to the needs of our customers, from vegan and gluten-free to highly elaborate combinations of fruits, vegetables, and fish, whether cooked or raw.

    Our serving staff currently has around 40 years of combined experience. We take pride in offering a casual atmosphere with some formal touches and extra effort in our presentations providing a finer dining experience. Our menu options are highly flexible, and we both enjoy and take pride in introducing locals to Thai cuisine.